Science Kits

The library has multiple kits available for checkout. Kits can be checked out for 3 weeks at a time. For more questions, call Youth Services at 815-534-6178

Block Play (Ages 3+)
Explore ramps, towers, pendulums, and more with wooden blocks and fun challenges!

Real Bugs Discovery (Ages 3+)
Take a close look at 12 amazing insect specimens, preserved in clear acrylic blocks.

Stay Afloat (ages 5+)
Design a raft to keep a family of four weighteed figures floating for at least 20 seconds.

Parachute to Safety! (ages 5+)
Design and test a parachute that will bring a weighted figure safely down to earth.

Keep the Rain Out! (Ages 5+)
Design the perfect roof to keep the inside of a house dry, then test to see if it works!

Lego Early Simple Machines* (Ages 5+)
Assemble Lego Duplo bricks, gears, axles, and pulleys to create a world of simple machines!

Create a Chain Reaction (Gr. PreK-2)
Set up a series of ramps, levers, drops, and spinners to a move a ball to the goal box.

Snap Circuits Jr.* (Ages 8+)
Snap together components to create over 100 awesome electrical circuits and gadgets.

Snap Rover* (Ages 8+)
Build a remote-controlled rover, and modify it with over 20 additional projects!

Lego Simple and Powered Machines* (Ages 8+)
Build dozens of working machines, robots, and more, all with Lego bricks!

Lego Pneumatic Machines* (Ages 8+)
Use the power of pressurized air to build a robot hand, working lift, and more!

Create a Chain Reaction (Gr. 3-5)
Build machines and complete design challenges to move a ball through an obstacle course!

Simple Machines Activity Tub* (Ages 8+)
Explore levers, pullets, inclined planes, and more with 8 awesome experiments!

*This STEAM kit was generously funded by a grant from the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers.